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About Us

Founded in 04th Feb 2014.

The Corporate Network is the future in professional social networking and a sophisticated communication network platform.

Through effective use of information technology and inspired from the transformative vision of digital communication, “The Corporate Network” came into existence.

The Corporate Network helps us to discover the corporate ecosystem whenever we connect. It is an online social networking platform with strong emphasis on business, organizations, and corporate lives

Vision: Connecting organizations &professional personnel's.

Mission: The Corporate Network gives access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help to discover what’s going on in the corporate world.

  • Connect, find and be found – a social experience that’s more appealing, more accessible.
  • Boost your career – Introduce your online identity to the world like never before. Build your professional identity online and stay in touch with colleagues, employers and today's top talent.
  • Learn, follow and share – The people, jobs and news that matter most to you. Discover about corporate houses and business ventures.
  • To be engaged and empowered – From posting your job to promoting your personal brand.
  • Get the latest news, inspiration, and insights.

Encouraged by what matters most to our professionals, we provide countless ways for everyone to contribute their knowledge and resources for the purpose of improving the professional community as a whole.

We support users to follow, share, and connect through profiles, jobs, events, blogs, newsand much more. The Corporate Network is dedicated in helping to discover, develop, and achieve throughout unique personal voyage.

Opportunity awaits you and sky is the limit.